Friday, 23 July 2010

Photography showcase of Kieran Jones

Hi Kieran, Who are you? and what are you doing?

Hi Andrew, I'm Kieran, 18 - Have lived in Northampton all my life so have quite a passion for my town, I capture Dark/Urban and often abandoned and derelict locations... I have this year started using models in my work to give my images more to think about when they are viewed.

What is the beauty of Northampton in your eyes, as a photographer??

The beauty of Northampton is all the locations that are tucked away that a lot of people will probably never come across. The history and architecture of the town is also something to love compared with other towns!.

Looking at your pictures, you love to shoot in alot of derelict locations, what do you find fascinating?

I guess it's mainly the history, on my photographic blogs "Everything Goes Quiet" and "Amid The Chaos" I always back my photos up with information on the locations, the amount of history I've seen in places is crazy, St. Crispins Asylum in Duston still has remains all over the place, well worth taking a camera down to get some shots.

What do you think about the photography scene in northampton?

I know for a fact that there are plently of photographers in Northampton however I think it's quite quiet at the moment. I've been to a few impressive gallerys over the summer but I don't think there promoted well enough, however, with event's such as FilmLab at the picturedrome and the gallerys at the fish market, it really does help to push the photo and video scene within northampton which is quality!

In your view when is a picture meaningful and why?

A picture is meaningful if when the photographer has taking time to think about how he is going to shoot his/her subject. Theres a difference between happysnapping objects and carefully thinking about angles, positioning and light. I think when work has been put into getting a good image is when a picture becomes meaningful.

If you could give one piece of advice to new photographers who maybe looking to you for inspiration what would it be?

Play with your camera, Don't be scared about breaking a camera as soon as you come out of auto-mode, It's impossible. also be adventurous, everybody has seen the flowers in Abington Park. Just walk as far as your legs can take you. once I walked from abington to Stoke Brune just to find a decent image, when I had a few, I walked back.


Dr. Kaoss said...

Cheers for the showcase bud!

Joseph Kennedy said...

Really enjoyable to read!
Great photos Kieran

Simon Stanford said...

Great read, now let's get it on Digg.... :)

Michael Thomas said...

These are great photos, I like to go to London to explorer and take photos yet I never think to do it in my home town of Northampton.

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